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2022 in Review

Timberstone Partners completed our first full year of operations in 2022.  Here are some of the challenges we helped multiple world-class organizations address, delivered through our experienced-based and lean coach, guide, and develop advisory model.

Establish Outsourcing Governance

A consumer goods company had completed an outsourcing agreement for core finance and accounting activities, but not built the governance processes nor designed the retained organization needed to support the new operating model.  We assisted in establishing the organization, processes, and procedures for managing process and service performance overall and specifically with the outsourced provider.  Unique to this client was also managing through a divestiture of a significant portion of the business while concurrently establishing a new operating model.

Negotiate Finance Outsourcing Agreement

A European beverage company was looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of finance shared services utilizing outsourcing.   We helped negotiate the outsourcing agreement focusing on all key business terms and conditions to match client needs and market standards.

Redesign Finance for Growth and Improvement

A large services firm’s Finance function target operating model (TOM) was difficult to scale for growth and past improvement initiatives no longer met the needs of the business today. We developed a service delivery model that effectively and efficiently incorporates remote, embedded, center-based and off-shore resources to increase flexibility and optimize operating costs. We created a high-level roadmap to address short and long-term opportunities across all TOM layers. Process changes and strategy initiatives were stress tested against two critical finance sub-functions to ensure efficacy and completeness.

Obtain State of the Market Terms

A global food and beverage company was looking to improve the terms of a finance and accounting BPO contract with a long-standing service provider.  We provided insights into the contract against current market trends and recommendations for revisions to the contracted business terms.

Future-Ready Global Service Centers

A large multinational services company’s 3 disparate global centers, as well as the US based service organization, needed a more effective business services model to scale to meet future demands across multiple technology and business processes.  We assessed the maturity of the global centers and provided recommended changes to the target operating model along with actionable, specific improvement plans for each center, designed to address short and long term needs.

Future-Ready Corporate G&A Services

A major life sciences company wanted to build more responsiveness into their general and administrative functions to uncertain future market conditions.   We assisted in redefining the target operating model for a core set of corporate functions including delineation of Corporate Center, Business Services, and Business Partnership activities and an end-to-end process orientation for the design and delivery of services.

Select Outsourcing Service Provider

As part of a global transformation initiative, a global manufacturer and retailer needed to select a BPO service provider for source-to-pay, order-to-cash, and record-to-report processes.  We provided insights into the selection process and the service provider market. We facilitated India site visits and analyzed service provider proposals including related pricing to ensure the company had a comparative assessment of each service provider offering.

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