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You Own the 


Timberstone Partners is a team of deeply experienced individuals who specialize in strategy, design, implementation and optimization of business services operating models. Our team members each have over 30 years of experience serving companies across multiple industry segments. We have partnered with the leading business services organizations across the globe. Our purpose is to guide and empower our client teams to optimize business services performance through experiential coaching, insights, and shared learning.

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How Are We Different?

It starts with our philosophy....


You drive the journey.

Our clients own their current and their future states, so they must own the transformation journey. Engagement, from leadership down through the team making change, is the single most important factor driving transformation success.


Your empowered team owns the result. 

We offer a leaner support model, where our senior level advisors empower the client’s team with experience, marketplace knowledge, proven approaches, and ready-to-use templates to accelerate their journey. In contrast, relying on large consulting teams, which might be warranted for certain projects, can impede critical ownership and engagement. At a minimum, many of the learnings developed within the project team leave the building with the consultant.


Your knowledge, coupled with our guidance, builds lasting improvement.

Our unique coach and guide approach is flexible, allowing the client team to run at its pace and draw deeper from our experience in areas most critical to the team’s success. We measure our success solely through our clients’ lens – project accomplishments and client team growth.


Why Timberstone Partners?


We bring the collective experience of true pioneers in business services who have worked with companies across the transformation lifecycle. Whether it is strategy, design, implementation, outsourcing provider selection or performance enhancement, we bring an unparalleled depth of experience to ensure our client’s success. 


Our primary focus is the success of the client initiative while developing the client team to continue to sustain performance. Our approach coaches and teaches client teams with practical guidance shaped through decades of support to shared service and GBS leaders.


We foster ongoing insight into the what and the how of business services optimization in an ever-changing environment. We share learnings and methodology openly with our clients and promote dialogue among peer organizations for additional perspective.


Recent Client Highlights

Guided Creation of an Enterprise of the Future

Guided the approach to large scale transformation and the work required to enable a future ready enterprise

 Delivered Global Services Site Selection Frameworks

Created evaluation models across multiple dimensions to drive the selection of center sites

Guided Service Provider Selection and Negotiation

Provided guidance and key insights in outsource provider selection and negotiation.

Delivered Market Insights

Brought market insights to design of global business services organization.

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